Anne Baldock

Senior Vice President, Otago Art Society

Anne Baldock is the Senior Vice President of the Otago Art Society. She has been an Artist Member since 2005, and a Councillor for the past 5 years. 

Personal Statement

In 2002 our family moved back to Dunedin to Auckland to set up our own business. We purchased a home on the Otago Peninsula. The beauty of the surroundings inspires me to paint and I often include the landscape, the animals and the “bodies of my family and friends”. I also enjoy painting streetscapes around Otago; parts of old run-down buildings with lovely textured bricks and stonework. More recently I have been experimenting with a looser style of painting landscape using larger brushes, rollers and fingers to apply the paint. Acrylics are my preferred medium due to their quick drying time and vibrant colours.

The Otago Art Society is a brilliant organisation that is very supportive of all artists who become members. My daughter Gemma, studied at the Dunedin School of Art, and has been a keen artist all her life. She was supported by the Otago Art Society, moving from participation in Youth Art to exhibiting alongside experienced artists. She is still one of the youngest Artist Members of the OAS.