How to present a painting for out Exhibitions

Instruction Why?
D Rings attached 75mm from the top. Our hanging system attaches pictures to lines suspended from high up on our walls. This means pictures are inclined to tilt downwards unless hooks are near the top of the picture. D rings ensure minimum damage to picutures especially if stacked together prior to hanging or after take down
Maximum size of 1.2 metres at the longest side, including frame So we can fit as many artists and their works as possible on our walls. We have to be strict here to be fair to everyone!
Completed entry form. On smaller exhibitions these can accompany pictures. For the larger sposored ones the entry form will ask you to send them in earlier, to give us time to prepare catalogue information.
Picking up works We do need to preserve space for all our activities – and have to be strict in ensuring all pictures are picked up quickly after exhibitions.
Swing labels These are fixed to the back so they can drop down the front of the work. It helps us with our cataloguing and numbering once all work is hung. These labels are then concealed.
Insurance is the artist’s responsibility We take all care! However, although loss, damage etc is unlikely, you need to take care of insurance for any transport by courier and for the duration of the exhibition period..
Previously exhibited works We don’t accept work that has been in previous exhibitions – except for some special occasions.
Medium We usually accept a variety of media.(eg. jewellery, pottery, digital, graphics). Check each Entry Form for specifics.
OAS website. Work should be available for our website. We like to advertise artists’ work!

Other Important Instructions:
Work must be for sale.
A 25% donation will go to the OAS to cover costs – from the sale.
Must be completely dry and suitably presented for exhibition.
Must have name, title, medium, and price on the back as well as on the Swing Label
Framed works should have correct framing tape for sealing on the back.
Insurance is the artist’s responsibility.

Other Questions:

Is there a portrait Exhibition – sometimes we hold a special portrait section. There is nothing to stop portraits being entered in any exhibition.

What about painting to a theme?Themes are often offered as a title to an exhibition. If you paint to your own “theme” it probably won’t stop the painting from being accepted for the exhibition (we don’t reject a good painting!), but it may well disqualify you from a prize.

What kinds of paintings should I do? Paint what you do best. Be prepared to extend your range as you grow in confidence. As Macbeth was told – “be bloody, bold, and resolute” – but don’t apply this as he did!

Who is eligible to exhibit? a. for our larger exhibitions the entries are usually open to all. They may be restricted to the South Island. You would need to check that out for any specific exhibition.