Cassandra Rolston

I was born in Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay. Prior to starting school, my parents left the family farm in Norsewood to live in Oturehua, where we remained for my primary school years. What a wonderful experience it was. I spent summer swimming, riding horses and climbing trees. The winters bought cold snaps where we spent days exploring snow-covered hills, and enjoyed the nostalgia of the curling Bonspiel and Brass Monkey Rally.

From Central Otago we moved to South Otago where I completed my high school education. Art was my most enjoyed subject. After high school, I headed north to study Psychology at Canterbury University. Having completed a BSc I went to work in a Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. There I was able to explore the use of drawing as a therapeutic tool after completing some foundation studies in Interactive Drawing Therapy.

I recently returned to Otago to be closer to my family and complete my MSc in Psychology. My involvement with the Otago Art Society has fostered motivation to work towards a solo exhibition. I find volunteering at OAS a wonderful learning experience so decided to further the learning journey by becoming a councillor.

I have a fascination for all of the beautiful animals, flora and fauna that we share our world with. I take inspiration from the natural world to complete artworks in charcoal and oil paint. More recently, I am progressing a series of works based on endangered species and climate change. I have also completed some work in schools combining psychology with art using the creative process to promote wellbeing among our young people.