Jenny Longstaff

Immediate Past President and Councillor, Otago Art Society

After I finished my last “real job”, as graphic designer and production editor at Otago University Press, I undertook a 2-year motorcycling adventure throughout Australia and honed my observational eye through photography.

Since returning to Dunedin in 2010 I have concentrated on developing a creative life, mainly with painting in acrylic, continuing with photography and computer graphics, while also dabbling with poetry and writing. I am self-taught and learn through curiosity and experimentation. I also work part-time at Olveston Historic Home as a tour guide and educator.

My artwork has a strong emphasis on design and colour, not aiming for authenticity or accuracy but reliant on imagination and strength of composition for impact. I utilise the patterns to be found in the world around me, from nature as well as city life, as the basis for my different re-arrangements of forms. My work often looks like folk art, mosaics or stained glass windows, with stylised shapes and bright colours.

I am an active participant of both the Otago Art Society and the Dunedin Photographic Society and have also held several solo shows. I have been on the OAS Council since 2011 and was President from 2013–16.