Lindsay Campbell

I love this city,Dunedin.I might dream beyond its borders but it’s right up there for me.My childhood was in the 60s and 70s and I’ve been witness to many changes.Consider the Town Hall,Museum,University,Bus Station and of course our very beloved Railway Station.

My Family Business ,Alex Campbell Menswear,had its origins around the 1890s…not as old as The Otago Arts Society ,though.Its been my working life almost entirely and I’ve worked my way through the ranks to full ownership around 2005.People often think of retail as dull n boring,yet this is not my experience.Its an ever changing challenge and although fashion may repeat itself its only ever an interpretation of what preceded.Its changes are accelerating of late that’s for certain or maybe is it that I’m slowing?
Oscar Wilde said “work can be fun, sometimes work can be more fun than fun”.I subscribe to this and have had extraordinary fun over the years dealing with mostly regular customers ,suppliers and staff.

With my three business locations being in the smaller centres or the ‘burbs I have lower occupational costs but need to have more aggressive advertising which I also often bring an element of fun into.The nearest I come to being an artist myself is my scribbly interpretations or briefs for the print media for my various campaigns.

My busy wife who manages the Mosgiel Branch is the Member Artist.The in-house art critic is me.If I had to put some of my thoughts about art down on paper I would say this:the whole process of art fascinates me. As creatures we have an ability and love of creating and doing projects.They start with something we’ve nutted out and nurtured in our heads to follow it into a creation wether it’s on canvas,into a kiln or through music or such like.This is such a stimulating process.One can’t help but notice how the members are always learning and extending their art into to new and fresh frontiers.

Elina and I have been warmly welcomed into The Society.We love this inclusiveness amongst fresh thinking  and positive people.Im looking forward to working with Doug and his Team.