OAS Exhibition Winners


1.Hope & Sons Award 2. Edinburgh Realty 3.City of Dunedin 4.OAS Annual Exhibition5.OAS Summer Exhibition 6.OAS Spring Exhibition 7.OAS Youth Art

1. Hope & Sons Awards
2014 Hope & Sons Awards

1st Prize: Jasmine Middlebrook. Oil
2nd Prize: Robert Ireland
3rd Prize: Maurice Middleditch
Specially mentioned: Brian Looker, Craig Freeborn, Tony Adamson

2012 Hope & Sons Awards: Judge, Peter Chin

1st Prize: Karen Smith Danseys Pass. Oil
2nd Prize: Darren Tautari Still Waters Acrylic
3rd Prize: Brian Stewart The Remains of the Summer Oil
Specially mentioned: Tony Adamson, Gemma Baldock, C. Fitzsimons, Dale Gallagher,
& Liana Murray


2010 Hope & Sons Awards: Judge, Robyn Notman

1st Prize; Paul Lindsay for his work in acrylic Two Chairs – No Waiting
2nd Prize: Robert Ireland’s oil painting Stormy Landscape
3rd Prize: Jane McLeod’s acrylic Last of the Roast Lamb
The Dunedin Public Art Gallery awarded four merit prizes to Bruce McIntosh’s Post Office Bus Stop, Liana Murray’s The Longest Shed, Gemma Baldock’s Washing Day and Pauline Bellamy’s New Season Collection.
People’s Choice.: Graham Tait’s Oil painting “Cloud Shadows on the Lindis”

2008 Hope & Sons Awards: Judge, Matheson Beaumont. Exhibition Theme: – “Now & Then.”
1st Place: Valerie Webb Last Bowl
2nd Place: Graham Tait Now and Then, a Glimpse of the Sun –
3rd Place: Anne Baldock Dunedin Alley Way –
Particular attention to:
Brian Millard’s ‘Reunion’ (Kingston 2002)
Sheila Brown’s decorative work, ‘Remembering Our Huia, 1907 / Song of the Kokako 2008’,
Gill Hay’s large, nostalgic work, ‘The Paper Boys’ ,
Jamie Oliphant’s ‘Silence Heaped’ , a compelling and simple abstract.
Martin Maass, a painting ingeniously and imaginatively worked from human hair.
People’s Choice winners
Equal: Maurice Middleditch – Untouched World Douglas Williams – Tide of Innocence


2006 Hope & Sons Awards: 7 -21 May

1st Prize Odelle Morshuis – Somewhere Between (Acrylic on Perspex Board)
2nd Prize Kirsten Lovelock – The Pleasure Outing (Acrylic)
3rd Prize Fyfe Blair – On The Peninsula. (Oil)


2004 Hope & Sons Awards

1st Prize Donald Moorhead Macrocarpa
2nd Prize Tony Shields Low Tide, Otago Harbour
3rd Prize Steev Peyroux Storm from the North II
Murray Ayson Dart River – A Lord of the Rings Location


2002 Hope & Sons Awards

1st Prize Hilary Manson Flight 1
2nd Prize Suzanne Platt Spring Song
3rd Prize Jan Ingram The Hosta Eater
Sheryl McCammon Seaworthy

2000 Hope & Sons Awards

1st Prize June Tyson Grace and Joy
2nd Prize Suzanne Platt Boy on the Beach
3rd Prize Jan Ingram The Magpie Collection
Iain Govan Kawarau at Goldfields


1998 Hope & Sons Awards

1st Prize Sr Mary Horn The Immigrants, and The land was no longer free
Audrey Bascand Same Hills, Dunedin – past and present
Inge Doesburg Untitled
Jan Ingram Memories


2. Edinburgh Realty Premier Awards

2014 Edinburgh Realty Awards

The judge was Geoff Williams
1st prize: Robert Ireland  – Taieri Mouth Oil
2nd prize: Rod Eales  –  Nostalgia in Blue.
3rd prize: Brian Looker – Burdon of Proof Merit prize:

Merit prizes: Russell Cundall – Oamaru Harbour
Andrew Cook – Hilversum.

Edinburgh Realty Award: Jenny Sutherland – Waiting for Frank Charcoal
People’s Choice: Phillip Edwards – Still Standing   Oil

2013 Edinburgh Realty Awards
The judge was
First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:

Merit prize:
Merit prize:
Edinburgh Realty Award:
People’s Choice:


2012 Edinburgh Realty Awards

The judge was Jenny Sherman, Dunedin Public Art Gallery Conservator:
First prize: Claire Forbes Summer Evening, Waipara Watercolour
Second prize: Jan Ingram Summer Breeze
Third prize: Norman Hunter Approaching Storm.
Merit prize: Paul Lindsay Full Circle
Merit prize: Brenda Nyhof Watcher.
Edinburgh Realty Award: Andrew Cook Ship at Sunset.
People’s Choice: Murray Ayson Lake Manapouri.


2011 Edinburgh Realty Awards

The judge was Chris Collins of Gray’s Studio:
First prize: Rod Eales Taking Time.
Second prize: Jasmine Middlebrook And All that was Left
Third prize: Alf Berland Contemplation.
Merit prize: Nancy McLennan OtagoHarbour from Highcliff Road
Merit prize: Hannah Joynt The Boy with the Birds.
Edinburgh Realty Award: Janet Hulland Campin


2010 Edinburgh Realty Awards

The judge was Alan Ibell
1st Prize Hannah Joynt The Backyard Warriors.
2nd Prize Parry Jones Brian at 57
3rd prize Olav Nielsen Play Boy
There were also two merit prizes;
Peter McLaren for his monotype The Continuance of Fading Things
and Jon Thom for his mixed media Back when Adam was a cowboy which also won the Edinburgh Realty prize.


2009 Edinburgh Realty Awards

1st Prize Alan Ibell Death of a Pale Horse
2nd Prize Graham Tait Winter Light StrathTaieri
3rd Prize Suzie Ruddenklau- Home on Leave





  1. The City of Dunedin Art Awards

2013 The Final City of Dunedin Art Awards (Held over from 2012
The judge was Simon Kaan

1st Prize: Anna Smythe Smashing Ice Acrylic
2nd Prize: Jasmine Middlebrook The Waiting Game, Oil
3rd Prize: Richard Bolton Numismatique, Watercolour,
Merit Awards: Alf Berland
The Day they Closed our Tramway Down, Oil; James Cordery Stewart Island, Oil ; Fumio Noguchi Ni-Oh – Temple Gate Guardian, Ring (Deer Antler).
Mayor’s Choice: announced by the Mayor, David Cull:
Sandra Duncan
George Skipper, Pencil


2011 The City of Dunedin Art Awards

The Judge was Natalie Poland, Hocken Library Pictorial Collections Curator.
1st Prize Jasmine Middlebrook Now I’m Not So Sure Oil
2nd Prize Madeline Child Gorse Getting Away Ceramic
3rd Prize Olav Nielsen Fire Mezzotint
Merit: Rod Eales Shadows of Then Acrylic on Paper
Mayor’s Choice: Nicole Kolig Universe CeramicSpecial mentions: Murray Ayson – Rees Valley; David Corballis – Roslyn Village,
Enid Dodds –
just boiled jug, Jo Howard – ‘Stripes’ ceramic dish.


2010 The City of Dunedin Art Awards

Judge Leoni Schmidt; Jewellery Judge, Elizabeth Caldwell
1st Prize; Alan Ibell,The Sheeps Head
2nd Prize; Jasmine Middlebrook, One for you Two for me
3rd Prize; Anne Smart, Domestic Harmony.
Merit Prize; Sandra Duncan, EdwardWatching Time go By.
Jewellery Prize; Victoria McIntosh’s Patty tin Brooches
Mayors Choice; GeoffWilliams pencil drawing of ManaWahine.
Special Mention was made of the works by Jan Ingram, Jennifer Cole, BruceHodgson, Linda Ledger, Ione Court and Peter McLaren.


2009 The City of Dunedin Art Awards

First Prize; Anna Reid – dry point etching, Departure
Second Prize; Justin Morshuis – oil pastel, Ladies with Ducks
Third Prize; Charlie Voight- Ink, Cartoons and Comics
Merit Prize, Mayors Choice and Peoples Choice; Geoff Williams My Little Mokopuna

2008 The City of Dunedin Art Awards

First Prize; Martin Maas – Southern Story Teller
Second Prize; OdetteSeagar – Dunedin Railway Station
Third Prize; Philip Markham – Paddock Puddles Hawea
Merit Prize: Robert Ireland – After the Rain
Mayors Choice; Marie Reid – Sisters





4. OAS Annual Exhibition
2014: 138th ANNUAL

Judges – Michelle Chalklin & Kath Garrett
Open Awards

1st Prize Judy Smith Emma.
2nd Danny Moorwood Copper Blue Bottle
3rd Gillian Pope  
Hoopers Inlet & Mt Charles.
Roy Dickison Award
Winner: Jude Ansbacher Port Chalmers


2013: 137th ANNUAL

Judge – Jim Geddes
Open Awards

1st Prize Don McAra In the Ahuriri Valley Low Light, Oil.
2nd Sheila Lin Karitane Beach Oil.
3rd Pav Pawlowich Bird Skull .
Roy Dickison Award
Winner: David Corballis View of Dunedin Harbour from Erin St Watercolour

2012: 136TH ANNUAL

Judge – Bill Graham
Open Awards
1st Prize Cath McLean Taiaroa Head, Otago Acrylic.
2nd Judy Smith Bliss Oil.
3rd Elena Simonova Autumn, Mosgiel Oil.
Portraiture Award
Winner: Ngaere Moss Jessica Acrylic.
Portraiture Merit Awards :
David Corballis Taming the Cat Oil
Jude Ansbacher An Art Lover Oil


2011: 135TH ANNUAL

Judge – Richard Walls Theme – Quotes and Quips
1st prize: Maria Kemp Worthy is the Lamb
2nd prize: Gaye McElroy Cool, Calm and Collected
3rd prize: Elaine Anderson The End of the Road


2010 – 134th Annual Judge June Harris; Sponsor Dunedin Hearing Clinic – Gay Rowcroft Awards
First Prize; Erin Anson’s Mystique
Second Prize; Avis Wilkes On the Rocks
Third Prize; Gay Webb, Easter 2010
Lula Currie Award to Kate Williamson for her acrylic Cosmic Wonder


2009 – 133rd Annual

Sponsor Dunedin Hearing Clinic – Gay Rowcroft Awards
FirstPrize; Sheila Brown Robin in Winter
Second Prize; Sandra Duncan, Raw Strength
Third Prize; Marie Reid, Matt and Hayds Narnia
Highly Commended; Approaching Winter by Philip Markham and Solstice by Erin Anson.
Lula Currie Award to Janet Hulland, 6trf


2008 132nd Annual

Sponsor Dunedin Hearing Clinic – Gay Rowcroft Awards
1st Place: Josephine Regan Shades of Blue, Oil
2nd Place: Bruce Hodgson, Houses and Gardens I, Watercolour
3rd Place Gill Hammond, Light from Above, Acrylic.
Lula Currie prize artist members, Ricky Drew, The Gallery
Lula Currie prize non artist members, Elaine Anderson, Shades of Autumn


2007 – 131st Annual: “Our Beautiful City”

Prizes sponsored by Dunedin Hearing Clinic. judge Stan Hopkins.
1st Place. Graham Tait View from Home
2nd Place. Anne Baldock. Old BNZ Bank Dunedin
3rd Place. Pauline Bellamy. St Kilda Beach
The Lula Currie Prizes:
Artists’ Choice: June Harris Azalea Grove, Dunedin Public GardensMembers’ Choice: Elaine Anderson View from the Balcony


2006 – 130th Annual – Selected invited professional artists.
Plus paintings from our members – History in Miniature
The Lula Currie Prizes:
Artist Members: Lisa Wang for her acrylic painting, “Humble Beginning”
General Members: Di Carvell for her oil painting, “Chinese Lamp and Fruit”


2005 – 129th Annual

Greenslades Awards
1st Sharon Murcott Lost
2nd Pauline Bellamy Victoria Channel
Artist Members: Tony Shields Autumn on the Leith
Gen Members: Elaine Anderson Free Range


5. OAS Summer Exhibitions
2015 OAS March out of Summer

Judge – Claire Beynon
Three First Equal Prizes: Gemma Baldock: Party Animals   Acrylic
Pauline Bellamy: Christmas Day, Blue Lake    Oil on Paper
Tony Shields: Low Tide, Harwood, Otago Peninsula   Watercolour
Special Mentions: Jude Ansbacher, Andrew Cook, Russell Cundall, Robyn Douglas, Maxine Evans, Nic Dempster, Raimo Kuparinen, Jenny Longstaff, Philip Markham Maurice Middleditch, Justin Morshuis, Brenda Nyhof, Judy Smith



2012 OAS Summer Exhibition

Judge – Janet Hulland:

First prize: Marie Read – Summer Daze
Second Prize: Sheila Brown – Dreaming Godwit ‘The Journey Home’ “
Third Prize: Jenny Longstaff – Summer’s Simple Pleasures”
Mollie and John Pledger Award: Diane Warren – “Field Of Dreams.”


2011 OAS Summer Exhibition

Judge – Cara Spekreijse
Sponsor – Spaziocasa
1st Gillian Pope Downtown Napier
2nd Jenny Longstafffor Urbanesque
3rd Gill Hammond Lunch break in Arrowtown.
The following artists received a special mention; Pauline Bellamy, Pat Corballis and Geoff Williams.
The Mollie and John Pledger Award was won by Lyn Mackie for her pastel,Pansies ‘n’ Pots.


2010 OAS Summer Exhibition

Judge – Ron Esplin
Sponsor Carbase
1st June Harris Bus Stop
2nd Terry Perham Saturday Morning Dunedin
3rd Jill Holland Hustle and Bustle
The Mollie and John Pledger Award was won by Janet Farquhson, Uncle Kevin Goes Cruising


2009 OAS Summer Exhibition

Sponsor – Carbase, Theme, Streetscapes
Judge – BridieLonie, Head of Otago Polytechnic School of Art
1st Prize David Corballis Evening Light on St Sabina
2nd Prize – Geoff Williams Carol’s Commodore & Cupid Shop
3rd Prize Cathy Shemanski Where Angels Fear to Tread
Digital Photography Prize Portside II, Giclee print on Aluminium by Cindy Flook
Mollie & John Pledger Award for significant progress – David Baab


  1. OAS Spring Exhibitions
    2014 OAS Spring Exhibition Anderson Lloyd – Lawyers Awards

Judges –Rod Eales and Jan Ingram
1st prize – Danny Moorwood  Red Glazed Lustre Bowl  Pottery
2nd prize – Andrew Cook  Mooers at the Mangatuas   Oil
3rd prize – Pauline Bellamy  Camellia & Mt Cargill  Oil on Board
Merit: Gemma Baldock, Jenny Longstaff, Irina Schreiber, Judy Tait,


2013 OAS Spring Exhibition Anderson Lloyd – Lawyers Awards

Judge –
1st prize – 2nd prize –3rd prize –
2012 OAS Spring Exhibition (Spring into Summer) Dunedin International Airport Awards
Judge – Andrew Cook from Art Zone
1st prize – Jenny Longstaff – All Things Bright and Beautiful Acrylic
2nd prize – Kit Macgregor – Spring Evening Mt Mia Oil
3rd prize – Martin Platt – Taieri Morning Oil


2011 OAS Spring Exhibition
Judge – Di Carvel
1st prize – Joy Heazlewood – The Ghosts of Culloden,
2nd prize – Pauline Bellamy – Dry Point Etching Skirling Up
3rd prize – Brad Jackson – Acrylic Kiwi Kilts
The Fred O’Neill Medallion – Ross Cowie – Mixed Media Celtic Shield with Wolf Design
Presenting the awards was Mr John McCall, Chief Executive of the Dunedin International Airport.


2010 OAS Spring Exhibition

Judge – Paul Hudson
1st Prize – Ro Bradshaw – mixed Media Central Memories
2nd Prize – Norman Hunter – Manuka Gorge Railway Tunnel
3rd Prize – June Harris Gathering Lavender
Fred O’Neill Medal – Karen Davis, Broken China


2009 OAS Spring Exhibition

Sponsor Dunedin Airport Ltd
1st Prize – Danny Moorwood – ceramics, Porcelain Bowl
2nd Prize – Anni Morris – acrylic Innocent Partner
3rd Prize – Elaine Anderson, oil, Waiting for a Bite
Fred O’Neill Medal Brian Stewart – Monstera
Peoples Choice Murray Ayson Oil, Along the Milford Track

2007 OAS Spring Exhibition

Sponsor Dunedin Airport Ltd
Judge Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair of The Artists Room
1st Prize Pauline Bellamy, Reflective
2nd Prize Karen Davis, The Day’s Catch
3rd Prize Cindy Flook, Carwash
Reg Wattam Award
Cathryn Shemansky, The Red Bucket”
Fred O’Neill Medallion:
Val Webb, Fleur’s Place
Special mention
Richard Bolton Flood Reflections”
Alf Berland Sit (Mayley & Brutus) commending them.


2006 OAS Spring Exhibition

Sponsor Dunedin Airport Ltd
1st prize John Husband Morning Shoppers
2nd prize Marie Reid Shell Collection
3rd prize Lesly Finn Night Moves
Reg Wattam Award: Pauline Bellamy Portrait of John


2005 OAS Spring Exhibition

Sponsor Dunedin Airport Ltd

1st Prize Kirsten Lovelock If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Fly
2nd Prize Sue Ballantyne Aramoana
3rd Prize James Dignan The Golden Path
Reg Wattam Award: Elaine Anderson Time Out in Queenstown
Fred O’Neill Medallion: Erin Anson Tidelines and Southern Summer


2004 OAS Spring Exhibition

Sponsor Dunedin Airport Ltd
1st Prize Ingrid Kaddatz Granny oil
2nd Prize Betty Olsen Sharapova acrylic
3rd Prize Gus Nisbet Kidds Bush acrylic
Reg Wattam Award Patricia Tough Snow conté
Fred O’Neill Medallion Joy Heazlewood

  1. Youth Art Awards

Youth Art Awards September 2011

2011 – Sponsor Pet Planet 11-13 Years;
First Caitlyn Kilner Me
Second CJ Collingwood Ralf
Third Liam O’Brien Blended Flowers
Merit Jordan Davis Self Portrait

8-10 Years
First Caitlin O’Brien Rainy Night Light
Second Samuel Crawford Join Together
Third Michael Wade Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
Merit Carina DoneganPretty in Pink
5-7 Years
First Georgia LoachFlowers
Second Archie HennephofWater
Third Noah OsakiSoccer Stars
Merit Keally Cullen Fluffy Teddy
Sponsors Choice Aidhan Taylor I Clank, I Stare
Best School – Karitane


Youth Art Awards September 2010.
5-7 age group : First Stella Caulton
Second Kathryn Monaghan
Third Blossum – Kate Garbutt
8-10 age group: First Mathew Reid “Cat in Black”
Second Kent Marshall “Fiery Dragon”
Third Edit O’Neill “Romeo and Juliet – Not”
11-13 age group: First Alice Toomer “Coffee to go”
Second SolomanBaldock “Going for a goal”
Third Erica Stedman “My dog Spice”


Youth Art Awards September 2009
5-7 age group : Rosa Latton – King of the Mountains
8-10 age group: TuuliTollefsen
11-13 age group: Ban Dohan – Still Life Tools


2004 16th Mainland Art Awards:
Premier Mainland Art Award:
1st Place Claire Worrall – Fragile Strength
2nd Place Deirdre Copeland – Spring Chicken
3rd Place Duncan West – Personal Space
Merit Susan Ferguson – The Thoughts of Youth are Long
Merit Olav Neilsen – Sunroom 2

OAS Exhibition Winners
Additional Exhibitions
2012 Fashion Focus Exhibition
Caprice Award: Ngaere Moss Take a Piece of Fabric