2017 - 141st Annual Exhibition

Judge – Anna Reid,
Dunedin artist.

First Place

Francis (Peter) Nicholls, In Silence Under Oxides.
Oil on board.
A fully resolved, confidently executed oil painting. Small in size but rich in colour. Expressive use of impasto paint with directional open strokes creating textural unity through out the work.

In Silence Under Oxides by Francis Nicholls.

Second Place

Phillip Markham, Doubtful.
Watercolour on paper.
An impressive watercolour, depicting a very recognisable Doubtful Sound. Great use of scale and repetition in the bush clad mountains. Brilliant contrast of light and dark capturing the tranquillity of Fiordland.

Doubtful by Phillip Markham

Third Place

Jo Loughnan, Blue Shirt.
Mixed media on Paper.
A very gestural figure study created with loose spontaneous application of indian ink and paint. Confident mark making which shows the experience of the artist.

Blue Shirt by Jo Loughnan

Special Mention:

Pauline Bellamy, Hoopers Inlet.

Special Mention:

Anne Baldock, Choppy.

Special Mention:

Marie Reid, Balancing Act.

Special Mention:

Diana Smilie, Oh Hell.

Special Mention:

Maxine Evans, Autumn Jewels.

Special Mention:

Kyle Matheson, Butterfly Kisses.

Special Mention:

Karen Davis, Estuary.

Roy Dickison - 'Heart of the South' Award

Jan Ingram, Winter Lady.
Gouache on paper.

Winter Lady by Jan Ingram.

Mollie and John Pledger Award.

Gabby McKenzie, Whio – New Zealand Blue Duck

Whio – New Zealand Blue Duck by Gabby McKenzie.