2017 Summer Exhibition


Dee Copland

David McLeod

Grace Ryder

2017 Cleveland National Art Award Supreme Winner -
Category Two: Photography, Digital Graphic

Justin Spiers, The Garden
This bold and confident composition had the judges returning again and again. The subject evokes senses of loss, memory, abandonment, tinged with a relatable sense of nostalgia. It asks questions of the viewer as to its locale and reason for the items; left, in transit or is the scene and belongings abandoned? A moment of passing time in Dunedin.

The Garden by Justin Spiers

Category One: Painting, Printmaking and 2D Mixed Media - Excellence

Inge Doseburg, Peninsula
This is a very atmospheric and evocative image although the landscape is familiar the subject has been transcended by the manner of the painting and the technically skilled handling of the media.

Peninsula by Inge Dosburg

Category One: Painting, Printmaking and 2D Mixed Media - Merit

Jonathon Cuming, Baudelaire
This small portrait defies its scale with a powerful portrayal of the subject. With its direct and confident drawing skills combined with an almost brutal revealing through torn surfaces to draw us further into the psyche of the subject.

Baudelair by Jonathon Cuming

Category One: Painting, Printmaking and 2D Mixed Media - Honorable Mention

Jessica Ritchie, Minus Green
This is a bold and confident work that denies the constraints of the frame by treating it all as one surface. A playful and unashamedly loud use of formal elements sees the work dominating the space it’s presented in a delightful manner.

Minus Green by Jessica Ritchie

Category Two: Photography Digital Graphic - Merit

Rachel Hope Allan, If You Were My Goshawk
This scale of this small work tells a personal story of the relationship of the subject to the artist and conveys are powerful sense of mood by its tonality, and also references the history of the media through the choice of technique. Beautifully complex and technically brilliant.

If You Were My Goshawk by Rachel Hope Green

Category Two: Photography Digital Graphic - Honorable Mention

Stepen Wittaker, Roundup
The image of the log ends, by its use of a repeating images that has been rotated evokes other images where patterns repeat, this work also conveys a confident control of light and tone.

Roundup by Stephen Wittaker

Category Tree: 3D Sculpture Jewellery - Excellence

Blue Back, Repotted
A rich and confident handling of the ceramic media and process, in this confident work that in its confident yet precarious use of space, from a grounded support structure that gives a counter weight to the gestural. The rich confident glaze colouring gives this work a sense of celebration where the artist’s technical knowledge is clearly present.

Repotted by Blue Back

Category Tree: 3D Sculpture Jewellery - Merit

Andrea Muggeridge, Golden Venture Neckpiece
The skilful combination of folded origami formality and the kumihino braid are contrasted by the bold treatment of the painted surfaces. This work references pacific and asian traditions with a respectful and contemporary approach.
The subtle transition of the spiral structure as it progresses around the work is worthy of contemplation.

Golden Venture Neckpiece by Andrea Muggeridge

Category Tree: 3D Sculpture Jewellery - Honorable Mention

Three Cups of Tea, Still Life
The still life of tea caddies, with their subtle variations of scale and form along with a confident use of various glaze surface treatments evoke the aromas of the intended use of these vessels. The aesthetic judgements in play in this grub transcend the functional aspects, adding colour and form to the taking of tea.

Still Life by Three cups of Tea