2017 Edinburgh Realty Exhibition

Judge – John Toomer

First Place

Rod Eales, Fragment of an Icon

Oil on board

This local artist has consistently produced highly skilled, original work for many years.
The winning painting has photo realism meets contemporary abstract overtones. Wonderfully designed and beautifully painted, the blending / brush strokes are top shelf.
She has to be applauded for the planning and skill in achieving the overall visual result.
It is a stunner – Congratulations.

Fragment of an Icon, By Rod Eales.

Second Place

Nigel Wilson, Tree Avenue


We see an artist who is on top of his chosen painting medium. A direct and confident technique throughout the work. Lovely rich layers of colour, this work makes a visual statement.
“Even the simplest of subjects make successful paintings if you approach it with imagination and a pure colour palette”, as demonstrated in this appealing painting.

Tree Avenue, by Nigel Wilson

Third Place

Rachel Sutton, Little One

Whether you view it up close or some distance back, it is a powerful painting.

    You could say it is “an attention seeker”.

It has strong, confident stroke work and the ultimate success is the ‘eyes’.
They are almost hypnotic if you look at them for too long.
A delightful piece.

Little One, by Rachel Sutton.

Merit 1

Mehrdad Tahan, Serenity


The artists technical skills are what attracted me to this piece.
Good charcoal and pencil drawings are never really acknowledged or appreciated as compared with painted works, but they can often command as much or maybe even more time involved.
This piece, almost abstract in design, is not overworked, simple in subject but beautifully executed that has resulted in a top-quality work.

Serenity, by Mehrdad Tahan

Merit 2

Phillip Edwards, Michael’s Yacht


An intriguing work that somewhat challenges compositional theories. It has the centre of interest low and upfront, yet it is not overpowering or distracting.
When looking at the painting the design element pushes the viewer back into the work in a circular motion, then back to the front again.
It is painted very confidently, highly detailed, and the work successfully conjures a scene full of light and atmosphere.
The work demonstrates the makers knowledge of paint handling and palette selection, the result is calm, warm and unfussed. Noted is the makers investment in surface preparation and presentation. The title is perfect.

Michael’s Yacht, by Phillip Edwards

Edinburgh Choice Award

Barry Thomas Weston, Party Night