2019 - 143rd Annual Exhibition

Judges – Cara Paterson, Christine Geary.

First Place - Gay Rowcroft Award

Marie Reid Beadle, Balancing Act Stewart Island Party.
A play on words and a play on our hearts.  The frame is set with endangered icons of Aotearoa New Zealand. The artwork is painterly and beautiful, with warmth and sorrow in the sky, it is fun but serious in its messaging.

Balancing Act – Stewart Island Party by Marie Reid Beadle.

Second Place

Desi Liversage, Nice to Have – State House

This a confronting work, very much a reflection of our time with the image of a State House, a familiar old blanket which represents home love and warmth or could also mean being on the street without a home.  This is a work with complex layers of meaning which the viewer can bring to the work. We really like that the artist is asking us to question our place in Aotearoa and our role in social justice and equity.

Nice to Have – State House by Desi Liversage

Third Place

Mark Cowden, Yellow Cube.

Technically challenging and skilled, its three artworks in one. We liked the simplicity and complexity!

Yellow Cube by Mark Cowden

Roy Dickison - 'Pride of the South' Award

Cath McLean, Otago Harbour.

We chose this work because it immediately placed us in the South, it’s our harbour, our moody sky. We loved the panorama style that is able to capture the brooding winter sky and the patchwork technique of greens and ochres that make up the surrounding peninsula hills.

Otago Harbour by Cath McLean.

Mollie and John Pledger Award.

Christine Philip, Peering Out

The artist has gained great confidence in developing an art practice, working and successfully negotiating different mediums. This series of work is fun but meaningful in the current housing crisis, and need for more warm dry homes etc.

Peering Out by Christine Philip.

Jean Nelson Photographic Award.

Pauline Bellamy, Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg by Pauline Bellamy.

Higbly Commended:

Morag Wheeler, Coral Sunset.
Traditional floral still life, it has beautiful light and detail, very skillful technique.

Highly Commended:

Douglas Williams, Reflections Hoopers Inlet

Incredibly technically competent, this work places us in an environment we know. The work has beautiful light and reflection and the challenge of accurately painting a boat in the water is executed with ease!

Highly Commended:

Anne Baldock, Company Bay.

Extraordinary colour and painterly technique, with a soft palette of winter.

Highly Commended:

Baden French, Standing Figure on paper.

Simplicity and calmness, beautiful proportions. We were drawn to this work for the space it provided us as viewers.

Highly Commended:

Sharon Pine, Arion.

Technically Chris loved this work in its 3D from and meticulous placing of the mosaics, especially the bead-work mane.

Highly Commended:

Doug Hart, Tramping Hut Stack.

Kiwiana of sheep, deer, kea and trampers – the introduced and the native, and the balance within the inhabitants in the frame. The tramping huts all look like places we’ve all stayed in. The stilts encourage the viewer to think about environmental change issues but there is also humour set up in the composition to off-set the reality of what know about our quickly changing natural environment. Technically this work is excellent.

Highly Commended:

P G Rob, Running Late to the Parade.

A fun work and topical with fluid linework and colours, we loved the movement in the quick brushstrokes…..

Highly Commended:

Jenny Longstaff, Resisting Temptation.

I love the style of this painting (it’s recognisable), the subject matter is familiar with birds in a garden and a lovely cat sitting below and centre in the image. It is a confident and fun work!

Highly Commended:

Erin Jones, Large Shallow Oil Spot Bowl & Vessel.

We loved the form and the technical nature of the abstract patterning and oil spot glaze through both the bowl and the large vessel.