2019 - The Cleveland National Art Awards

Judges – Manu Berry, Chris Idour, Justin Spiers

Supreme Award
Excellence - Painting, 2D

Philip Madill, Untitled

Untitled, by Philip Madill

Merit - Painting, 2D

Anita DeSoto
Our Frocks like Raspberry & Cream

Our Frocks like Raspberry & Cream, by Anita DeSoto

Highly recommended - Painting, 2 D

Anton Lambaart, Hanging by a Thread


Hanging by a Thread, by Anton Lambaart

Excellence - 3 D

Kylie Matheson, Never Stop Looking Up

Never Stop Looking Up, by Kylie Matheson

Merit - 3 D

Tony O’Keefe, Amanita 9

Amanita 9, by Tony O’Keefe

Highly Recommended - 3 D

Justen Fahey, Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby by Justen Fahey

Excellence - Printmaking

Peter McLaren, Not Dark Yet

Not Dark Yet, Peter McLaren

Merit - Printmaking

Wayne Churcher, Human Error in the Code

Human Error in the Code, Wayne Churcher

Excellence - Photography

Metiria Stanton Turei, Mahuika Manawaroa

Mahuika Manawaroa by Meteria Stanton Turei

Merit - Photography

D Milton Browne, History of the Koru

History of the Koru by D Milton Browne